CDMP Documenting Success


A comprehensive solution with guaranteed results. 

Our Compliant Documentation Management Program (CDMP) is a fully managed, end-to-end improvement program that touches all the critical aspects of your institution's clinical documentation process.

This begins with an initial assessment of your DRG-based records and documentation needs. We will help you identify clear, measureable objectives for your CDMP program. Then, our team will manage every aspect of your program from customizing and integrating the technology tools to making sure your physicians, nurses, coders, and administrators understand the program and are successfully using it.

We stick with you, continually monitoring and managing the program to make sure it meets the objectives you set. The CDMP normally pays for itself in a matter of months as it helps you:

Improve Documentation - Unlike retrospective coding-based programs, CDMP gives doctors and nurses education, strategies, and tools that allow them to accurately document each case from the moment a patient enters the hospital.

Improve CMI - Our program gives you a concurrent, clinical process that accurately captures compliant documentation language, complexity levels, and severity levels and ensures that they are reflected appropriately in your Case Mix Index.

Ensure Compliance - All our documentation strategies are fully compliant with The Coding Clinic and ICD-9-CM Official Guidelines. With CDMP, every record contains the compliant language necessary to support appropriate reimbursement and avoid the loss and risk associated with non-compliance.

Improve Quality Core Measures - CDMPQuality helps you identify cases subject to quality core measures in real time and impacts and improves core measure reportable data, enhancing your competitive positioning.

Ensure Appropriate Reimbursements - The more complex and severe diagnoses you manage, with appropriate documentation, the higher your CMI. And the higher your CMI, the better your reimbursement. CDMP maximizes appropriate reimbursements by improving your documentation. It also protects you against the risk of RAC audit liability.